How to organize an eco-responsible event?

How to organize an eco-responsible event?

Eco-responsible thinking is a must for the events sector. The ecological urgency requires us to think differently about events in order to limit their impact on the environment. No more hesitation then, all the more so as eco-event organisers are showing positive feedback on the economic level. Time and costs are not increased, on the contrary, and the returns on investment and on the company's image are engaging. So here are a few tips for organizing a "green" event:

First step: associate to each action the necessary material and/or service. Think about means of transport, instead of waste, catering, etc.

Second step: evaluate their environmental impact before, during and after. At each point you will associate one or more solutions.

... think in the long term, an event is ephemeral but not the equipment!

    a reusable and modular stand as we proposed to Franklin Templeton,
    Undated eco cups for later reuse,
    washable dishes rather than disposable ones.

...choose the right partners,

    Carefully selecting suppliers and valuing local players,
    Opting for service providers following an eco-responsible logic,
    call on a local association to distribute unsold food.

The little extra: having a good network of service providers will enable you to pool the trucks transporting materials to reduce your carbon footprint.

... act on communication,

    use social networks/e-mail/digital tickets rather than flyers or paper invitations,
    draw up a charter for the event, i.e. rules of responsible conduct, and circulate it to the participants in order to involve them,
    Communicate the public transit access plan in the invitation or organize a carpooling service.

... be an actor of change, sharing simple gestures with others.

    take pictures of business cards with your phone,
    Ban non-recyclable goodies and turn to eco-responsible objects.

At the end of the event, you can evaluate your carbon footprint on online calculators such as the one made by the Good Planet Foundation. Why not send the result in a thank-you email to the participants?

Each action implemented will be one more step towards protecting the environment and increasing your company's notoriety without incurring huge costs.

For your next event, you can call on our expertise for a tailor-made design and organisation. You can contact us here (include link).